Ready to go Green? Foy Group can help! We offer solar energy solutions for your business or corporation of any size or scale. With solar power, your organization can save money on the electricity it uses every day while at the same time demonstrating the kind of social and environmental responsibility clients and investors can be proud to support.

Our company has extensive experience in solar installations from as small as 18 kilowatt systems all the way up to 100 kilowatt systems. We have worked on major projects with the Snohomish County school district and Shoreline Community College in support of the Public Buildings Act designed for the LEED Silver standard and above. We have the experience and expertise few other companies can match. You can trust us to offer reliable advice, products and system installations of renewable technologies that have proven reliability, performance and value.

We can assist you with design, permitting, rebates and of course, installation.

We are a registered SunPower dealer. SunPower manufactures the most efficient PV modules commercially available in the market today.

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“Nice work. You have great people at the company who know how to be safe and productive. That says a lot and will be reflected in the industry.”
-Greg Holmes

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