Client Testimonials

" I wanted to send our sincerest thanks for your being so responsive and helping us through all the challenges this building has thrown at us. We really appreciate you sending Derek out first thing after the holiday and the job he did for us. I know he's your "newest" journeyman and there's no doubt in my mind he's going to be a really good one for you. We especially appreciate you engaging one of my all-time favorite electrical foremen, Matt, and his sending out Jerry to get to the bottom of a huge mess left by untold numbers of previous tenants. It was our pleasure to have you join in with our Special Project's work and I look forward to more work together in the future."

- Senior Superintendent


“I just wanted to relay my sincere appreciation for Mike Scott’s dedicated efforts in the past and over the last two days. I realize assembling a new VFD for the wing tool was pushing the envelope but Mike went for it in the interest of making progress and wrapping up Hex Chrome. He ran into some vexing issues with the VFD yesterday but kept his head and worked through it well while utilizing available resources.

We’re up and running today, weeks earlier than planned, thanks to his persistence.
In my mind, he’s a Great Asset doing a Super Job!”

- Project Manager


“It doesn’t seem often enough I get to send these out. Only a week and a half left on this fast paced job, and just wanted to let you k now it’s been a pleasure working with Brian, Mike and crew. I deal with Mike mostly in the field and we have helped each other numerous times. Make sure you give them an atta-boy.”

- Superintendent


“Thanks for your participation and partnering with GBI, we really appreciate working with Foy Group.”

- Project Manager

Greenberry Industrial


“I was impressed with Guy in the 3-800 recently. It wasn’t the easiest project to work on, with our schedule, budget constraints, and complications working around the customers, but he was always willing to accommodate and work with us and the customers, to accomplish everything on time and did a great job. You have a great team.”

- Construction Manager


“I would like to extend my appreciation to your team for their effort and outstanding safety performance on the 4-20 Lighting Upgrade Project. This was a very difficult project with high value/impact associated with working safely over the 737 Wing and P8A Production Lines. Your team’s attention to detail and safety resulted in the project being completed on time and on budget.”

- Construction Management

Boeing Logo


“On behalf of Kenworth Truck Company I would like to extend our appreciation for the efforts put forth by you and your team over the past several days. Setting up our PACCAR Product and Technology Center was a monumental task which will be completed successfully and on time. Frustrations were high, work days were long, and last minute changes and compromises were abundant. Through all these challenges everyone involved consistently maintained a high degree of professionalism, focus on safety, and dedication to serving the customer. This project serves as an excellent example of how team work makes a difference.”

- Facilities Manager


“Your crew has been very easy to work with on this gnarly retrofit.”

- Project Manager

Kenworth Logo


On Receiving the NECA District 6 Safety Excellence Award

“Nice work. You have great people at the company who know how to be safe and productive. That says a lot and will be reflected in the industry.”

- Project Manager


“This is an awesome award and one that you all should be extremely proud of. This is an award that is earned by every person in your organization because it only takes one person to screw it up but it takes everyone to keep it up.”
- Sharon Clements
Clements General Construction


“We place a LOT of value in safe subcontractors, keep it up.”
- Casey Schuchart


“Congratulations to you and your entire team. This is a spectacular award to have obtained. It is not surprising to me though since our experience with your company’s commitment to safety has always been exceptional. Keep it up congratulations again!”
- Bob Gregorini

Schuchart Logo


“Not many companies out there can achieve such an award, so you and your entire team should be very proud. I can certainly say that every time you worked on our property I witnessed an attention to safety with every task performed. As an outsider I would have skipped most of the safety steps I saw, and no doubt had I tried to do the work I would have ended up dead. Considering the facility I manage I am sure I’ll see you guys again this year.”
- Neil Davidson
Auto Insurance Auction


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